Orangy Chicken

I love to innovate new recipes, i can make a simple recipe in a new tangy form. Just like i have made Orangy Chicken. 

''ORANGY CHICKEN'' It is an Indian dish. One day i was thinking to cook chicken and as I always try to innovate things , I started thinking how to bring creativity in making chicken then suddenly my mom called me up and shouted on me -''who is gonna eat these 0ranges!!!!?'' So, I decided to make chicken with oranges and after making this recipe everybody liked it, That's why I decided to publish it in my blog. Hope you will enjoy.


This is a very simple recipe. Definitely children will love this.

 Whole Spices -
Black cardamom- 1tsp
Black cumin-1tsp
Pepper corns- 1tsp
Bay leaves- 2 leaves
Mace- 2-3
Star anise-2
whole chiilies-3(to make it spicy because all milk products makes it little sweet to balance this we put more chillies)

It's ORANGY CHICKEN so, definitely it has oranges in it..
 Take orange pulp - 1cup

Milk product-
Curd - 1 cup
Grated paneer-1/2 cup

Other ingredients-
Chicken- 250 gm 
Onion - 2cup sliced
3G Paste(Ginger,Garlic,Green chillies)-1tbsp
Cashew paste - 2tbsp(soak and grind cashew nuts)
Red chilli Powder- 2tsp
Coriander powder- 1tbsp
Garam masala powder- 2tsp
Saffron- 1tsp
Dried fenugreek leaves-1tbsp
Tomato puree- 1/2 cup
Salt- to taste
Oil- 1tbsp


First marinate chicken, For this take chicken in a bowl , Put hung curd, 3G paste, salt, garam masala powder, and at last orange pulp. Then cover it and put aside for 2 hours.

Heat a little oil in a pan.Then put whole garam masala into pan and stir continuously. After then put sliced onions into it , fry until it becomes light golden in color. Then take half of fried onion and grind it with little amount of water. Again put in a pan with half fried onion ,it tastes different and tastes unique. Then add masala paste ( red chilli powder,coriander powder,garam masala and salt) cook for sometime.Put chicken and fry with masala until it gets soft. 

Then add tomato puree , cook till the gravy gets bubbles uniformly. (the reason why i put chicken before tomato puree because tomato stops the tenderizing of chicken). After then put cashew paste and cook.Then add curd ,grated paneer and khoya and cover it and cook on low flame. then add saffron (soaked in luke warm water).

Adjust salt and take in serving bowl , garnish with chopped coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves,pinch of garam masala powder and take 1 slice of orange open up and put in centre(i didnt put on mine dish but you can put this for better visual appeal) and also put red and green chilies.

I hope you will enjoy my recipe and will try this.
Please comment on my blog for any feedback and appreciation.

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