HELLO READERS, Today I am sharing something interesting and exciting which is about my home town ''SARNI''. I know many of you do not heard about this place, its a small place yet a beautiful place.

I always love to visit my town again and again. I feel so relaxed to be in my town, it has naturally silence atmosphere and has scenic beauty.  So I am gonna share some of the most beautiful places of my town which might you to attract and I hope you enjoy while knowing about my place Sarni. :)

SARNI is one of the most beautiful place of Madhya  Pradesh. And it is also second largest Municipal Area of Madhya Pradesh. Sarni is small place with a population of 100,099. Sarni is the very beautiful city which is surrounded by Satpura mountains.

Sarni bestowed with several beautiful places of attraction in its vicinity due to its location in midst of satpura hill ranges, valleys, plains, deep valleys, dense forests, and water bodies including rivers, fountains and a large dam.

There are most beautiful pictures of  most amazing places in sarni:



SARNI is especially famous for Satpura Thermal Power Plant. Sarni is home to the largest power plant in Madhya Pradesh. It is contributing to approximately 80% of the total electricity supply of Madhya Pradesh. It's total capacity is 1142.5 megawatts.The construction work for the new 500 megawatts has already started and almost completed. And one more of 600 megawatts is about to begin.

When I go to my home, I always say to  my dad  to visit   the power plant once in a week. I love to see all huge big machines , how coal is transferring through conveyor belt . It all looks so amazing.The chimneys and cooling towers is just marvelous. Here are some pictures of old plant and the new one.


The Satpura lake has a beautiful sitting surrounded by dense forest and hills.The serpentine road traverses through a local hillock to reach the lake and is the favorite  jogging track for the local  populace.

Another popular place is Satpura Dam. The Dam  is the best tourist spot during the monsoon when routine opening of the gates to control water levels result in a waterfall like environment filled with mist. A guest house is also located at an adjoining hillock giving an unhindered view of lake. 

Here are some beautiful pictures of Dam and surroundings :)



Whenever my guests visit my town, we always take them to  Dam once. It is fabulous  in during monsoon season. It is a beautiful  picnic spot ,whatever its a family picnic or friends picnic we always visit to Dam where we cook on the fired wood, we cook maggie , pakoras with special tea. And the best part is camp fire . Oh yeah ! :D we used to dance ,play damsharas and antakshri. Must say great place to visit once .

Sarni is place of  temples. The one of the most conspicuous sites of sarni is Shiva temple overlooking the town from the Mathardev peak, which is the highest point approximately 3,500 ft(1,100m from the sea level) among neighboring hills of the Satpura ranges .
The path to a peak is a steep trek climbing two hills, it takes approximately 35-40 minutes of continuous climb at walking pace to reach tha top.

A distinct feature of Sarni is an annual week-long fair on the festival of Makar Sankranti in the month of January. The fair was first started in 1978 by a group of followers of Mathardev who started a project to create a shrine in order to organize and institutionalize the visitors. Since then it has become an annual affair.

The fair is a treat to senses with its beautiful sights, sounds and smells. Traders across the region come to the fair to sell a multitude of goods including religious items, artifacts, ornaments, clothes, toys, simple household goods, etc. Several acrobats, snake charmers, musicians and other artists attract crowd by displaying their talents. And many fair on Durgapooja Fair in Bengoli Tempal at Pathakhera.

Other than Mathardev Temple there are also Sai baba temple, Jain temple, beautifully designed mosque , gurudwara, churches and famous Shri Ram temple.



Many of the lesser known but beautiful places at a distance of just a few kilometers from Sarni are mentioned below: 

Rajdoh: here two 500 kW Hydel Electric Power generators are installed and the way is flanked on one side by an artificial canal.The canal outflow is called as Mini micro.

 Amrut Fall: (Named after a farmer) in Karanji village is a beautiful fall. 

Ret Ghat: White sand deposit brought by Tawa river makes it an excellent spot for picnic. It is on Damua road.

 Heera Palla: Situated near Shobhapur. This place is full of scenic beauty with a small river and rocks. One can hire a fisherman's boat to take a calm and serene boat ride on this shallow river. 

Ash Dam: here ash from the Thermal Power Plant is disposed and the local tribal s prepare liquor from mowah fruit.

 Bhopali: here on every Mahashivratri a fair is organized. This fair has religious importance for the locals. 

Hanuman Temple: A very old Temple of Hanuman is on Ranipur road.

 Jamun Jhiriya: This place is a source of natural mineral water to the local residents.

 Tawa Dam: This dam is much larger than the dam in Sarni. It is about 30 km (19 mi) from Itarsi.

So this is all about my place and I hope you like to know about my home town and you all are invited to my place . Please comment on my blog if you like it and stay tuned for more amazing updates. Love you all :)

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