Story of my pet bird ( iglu)


Today I want to share a story of my bird IGLU. During my internal exams (there was 2 exams ) I came outside of the lobby area of  my college campus, where I found lots of students were watching something in the dry huge deep pothole as construction was going on. When I came to see ... I saw a small cute little swallow bird was there in the pothole. I jumped into the pothole and saved him of the upcoming flowing water. He was not well and unable to fly. 

(pictures of iglu when I put him on my hand for the first time)

After seeing his health I decided to leave exams as he was not in a good condition. And I did not want to leave him for a second. So I came hostel with iglu and took good care of him.After then luckily the internal exams was postponed. But I can do any thing to save animals , its not the first time I did this many time to save animals.

Its my dream to open  an ANIMAL CARE CENTRE , where I can give a proper treatment to injured wild animals. I want every animal should be treated like a human after all they are also a living being just like us.  

Everybody told me after seeing iglu's health that he will not live more than 1-2 days. But I said I will do anything to make him healthy. My room mate after seeing him for the first time she got  scared because of his eyes and she said she is having allergy so she will not touch him. She put him in a cartoon box. 

But after one day that box  became iglu's home sweet home ,thanks to my room mate.
We did not believe that iglu recovered so fast. He used to play and always practices to fly. After one day my  room mate started loving my iglu because he was so cute, nobody can stay away from him. And after touching my bird she came to know that she was not allergic of my iglu, it was just her fear.  

( iglu on my pillow )

We consulted with doctor but he said this bird is found very rare. And he was unable  to find out which species of bird he was so that we can provide proper food for him.

After 12 days again, iglu  got unwell. He stopped playing, drinking and eating. Finally at night doctor told me he is a swallow. I was very happy to know that , now I could buy a proper food for him.

 (The swallows  are a group of PASSERINE BIRD
in the family Hirundinidae which are characterised by their adaptation to aerial feeding. Swallows have adapted to hunting insects on the wing by developing a slender, streamlined body and long pointed wings. )

But on that day only, at 4 o'clock when I was studying he started bending I was very scared I put him on my hand and he passed away :'( 

I cried alot because I loved him from the core of my heart .
But then I buried him in a proper way like we do with humans. 

He is still in our heart and we love you alot iglu and miss you :)

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