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A plantain may resemble a banana, but it is quite a different thing. While it’s true that they share the same family tree, they both have rather distinct identities when it comes to texture and flavor.

 You probably don’t need to be told this if you have  ever tried to peel a plantain and eat it as if it were a banana. For one thing, the peel is far thicker, and generally needs to be sliced open to reveal the fruit. The fruit itself is much starchier than a banana, not to mention less sweet–making it largely unsuitable for out-of-hand eating, instead being favored as a cooked specialty.

Cooking the plantains softens the texture and brings out the lightly sweet flavor, which can be used in a variety of savory or sweet dishes. In Africa, Latin American countries, and the Caribbean, plantains are considered a staple, and are most frequently served alongside savory foods.

The typical Ghanaian staple foods in the southern part of Ghana include cassava and plantain.

When the fruits are intended to be eaten raw they are known as "dessert bananas" or just "bananas", although "banana" is also used as a collective term to include both bananas and plantains.

 There is no formal botanical distinction between the two. In some countries, there may appear to be a clear distinction between cooking plantains and dessert bananas, but in other countries, where many more cultivars are consumed, the differences are not so clear-cut and the distinction is not made in the common names used there.  

The difference between the two terms "plantain" and "banana", used here, is based purely on how the fruits are consumed. Plantains are typically eaten cooked and are usually large, angular and starchy, in contrast to dessert bananas, which are typically eaten raw and are usually smaller, more rounded and sugary. A subgroup of plantain cultivars may be distinguished as "true" plantains.

In my next blog I will share you about my two wonderful and delicious recipes, One will be made up of plantain and another one will be made up of raw banana. I hope you like to know about the differences between banana and plantain.They both are just like brothers :D
But the difference is in their eating styles. :)

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